Timber Hills Farm has enjoyed a spectacular summer of showing horses! Many goals have been accomplished and we are proud of each rider and horse.

Avis Van Zomeren and Reedann’s Desperado (“Raun”) have performed beautifully this season, including wins and reserves at Midwest Charity, Midstates, and the Iowa State Fair in park and park pleasure. Raun’s striking coloring and Avis’s strong riding skills certainly are memorable wherever they go!

Abigail Van Kooten and Million Dollar Kiss (“Dinero”) have also been quite the team to contend with. This pair have experienced a roller coaster journey in the year they’ve been together, but Abby’s hard work and determination are certainly paying off. After powering through some hurdles at Springfest and Midwest, Abby and Dinero truly hit their stride and had clean sweeps at Midstates, Central States and the Iowa State Fair. We are so excited about these two and wish them the best in the pleasure equitation finals this fall!

Gracie DeRonde and Sunset’s Flying Kiss have continued their winning ways this season. With wins and reserves at Midwest, Tanbark, Central States and the Iowa State Fair, this team have proven why they earned the American Royal Senior Equitation National title in 2021. A highlight in 2022 was earning the Iowa State Fair Adrian Bell perpetual trophy for the 2nd year in a row. This team is the epitome of elegance and beauty, and we’re excited to see them carry on their trademark excellence this fall.

The Kanises have been quite the family of competitors in 2022. Jess and Kenzie are the resident hunt seat experts with their mount, Night of Secrets (“Moon”). This was Moon’s first season in hunt seat, and his “girls” have certainly done a great job teaching him the ropes and taken the division by storm. A major highlight was winning 4 out of 4 classes at Tanbark. Jess earned the first 3 wins with Moon earlier in the week, and Kenzie arrived later from summer camp to show him in the championship (no pressure!). Kenzie stepped up and won the tricolor neck ribbon. It was certainly an exciting week for the Kanis ladies and Moon!

Zeb Kanis has enjoyed the exciting opportunity to show a different horse this season, Absolutely On Heir (“Ichabod”). This national title-winning equine has been a great teammate this season and Zeb has certainly stepped up to the plate of showing such a magnificent animal. This pair have earned wins and reserves at Tanbark, Midstates, and the Iowa State Fair. We’re proud of Zeb for successfully taking on this new challenge!

In only their second show season, the Hartwick girls have hugely grown in their abilities riding their horse, My Tinker Toy (“Andy”). Addison, having strengthened her muscles cleaning stalls all summer, has had great performances at each show. The best part of her season was undeniably at the Iowa State Fair, where she won both of her classes (even earning the coveted purple championship ribbon!). It was an exciting week for the whole family!

Ella has stepped up to arguably one of the toughest divisions in any equine discipline: saddle seat equitation. Learning to not only complete rail work but also intricate patterns is not for the faint of heart! Ella has worked hard to master the requirements for equitation and it is certainly paying off. She’s earned top ribbons at each show this season and plans to compete in the pleasure equitation finals for the first time this fall. We’re very proud of her determination!

Our strong crew of academy riders have also been quite successful in 2022. From the more seasoned riders to those showing in their first season, we have once again been amazed by this group’s hard work and resolve to do the best they can. Blue ribbons and other tokens of success have been earned and we look forward to seeing what more they can do! Enjoy some pictures of our academy riders below.

We are in awe of how everyone has put the time and effort into becoming even better equestrians since the season began in March. After enjoying a successful summer of showing, we are excited to continue on to bigger shows and national finals this fall. Wish us luck!