Training Your Next Champion

Timber Hills Farm offers world class training for American Saddlebreds and Hackney Ponies.  We have trained World and National Champion horses and riders, from foals to aged horses.  We take juvenile riders and adult amateur riders on their own horses and on leased horses to competitions all over the country.  Timber Hills Farm has been blessed with many incredible successes.  Please inquire about our training services and prices.

Our head trainers, Mark and Renae Van Zomeren, have over 30 years of experience training American Saddlebreds, Hackneys, Morgans, and Arabians.

Academy Program

From Lessons to the Show Ring

Timber Hills Farm offers high quality school horses to be leased by their students to enjoy the fun of showing in Academy Classes at local shows.  These students do not need to own a horse to show.  The students also do not need the full riding suit for the show, but can wear a simpler version of the show attire.  This can either be a fantastic introductory to showing horses or the long term method of being able to participate.  THF students have enjoyed great success in this type of competition as well!